Glasgow IT Companies: Company Connecting Infographic Series

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By Janice


Glasgow IT Companies are the subject of our Infographic this week.  This is based on the 538 companies who are registered or based in Glasgow. IT companies in Glasgow provide services to many different sectors. Healthcare comes top, very closely followed by SMEs  and Financial Services. The education sector is in 7th place. In our wider information we can see that the take up of technology in the Financial, Health and Education sectors is creating considerable change or potentially ‘disruption’. So it’s not surprising to find the these sectors in the top 10.       Company size is fairly similar to the average on our database. In the infographic below it is possible to compare the Glasgow company size against our total database – just click the tabs. There are minor differences in companies with 0-1, and 2-5 employees. However, if we amalgamate the data for 0-5 employees, then 53% of IT companies in both Glasgow, and the rest of our database have 5 employees or less. As ever Software Development tops the skills, followed closely by Web Design / Development. In this infographic we have shown the top 20 skills. However, there are loads of other skills, and it’s interesting to see what DOES NOT appear in the top 20 e.g. Data related skills, 3D, Augmented Reality. We will publish infographics on these skills in 2018 and take a closer look at the demographics of companies so that we can compare locations. Our ‘Focus’ is intended to provide an indication of the types of applications or business areas that IT companies work with / provide services too. This week we have provided a word cloud of some of these focus areas. CRM, Finance and Social Media apps are the top three. However there is a huge variety of areas in which IT companies have specialised business understanding. Finally in our infographic we provide an overview of where IT companies are by council. There is a widespread across all of Scotland. Company Connecting has information on 4,000 IT companies, of which 2,400+ are in Scotland. We are adding the company profiles for IT companies in the rest of the UK and overseas. If you would like to get your company added then please register and we will do the rest.  The infographic may take a few seconds to load so please be patient Register Find out more about our services.  Glasgow IT CompaniesInfogram   To Find out More: e-mail us on  call us on 0845 643 5375 or contact Janice on Linkedin