4000 IT Companies: Company Connecting Infographic

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By Janice


Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a new set of infographics based on the 4,000 IT companies we have researched. Previously we have published information mainly related to Scotland. We continue to research and add IT companies from elsewhere in the UK. At the same time, IT companies register with us from all parts of the world and help us to enrich the information. If you are not sure if your company is on Company Connecting, then register with us and we will sort everything out. This infographic provides information on all the companies on our database. We currently have information on 2427 IT companies in Scotland, 1,366 in the rest of the UK and about 200 from the rest of the world. The main focus of our information outside Scotland is Cambridgeshire (CB) post code and the North of England. We do have some hotspots elsewhere e.g. Wales and Estonia. The clear majority of the IT companies are small i.e. 73% have less than 10 employees, and only 4.74% have more than 100 employees. This means that most of the companies are ‘micro’ SMEs (small to medium-size enterprises) as defined in the EU definition. It’s interesting to see that the top sector that the IT companies provide services to is SME, followed by Healthcare, Financial Services, IT itself and Oil & Gas. Software Development continues to lead the skills category with over 36% of our companies having these skills. We have provided a map of the Scottish IT Companies by Council. It’s clear that Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen are hubs of IT expertise –tbut rhere is a good spread of IT companies in all areas. The two word clouds to provide an idea of where we have researched companies. where our companies are. This will change as more companies register and we continue our research. Our hotspots are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Cambridge and Newcastle Upon Tyne. We will provide further infographics which are location specific over the coming weeks. Please check out our infographic, hover over the graphs and word clouds to get more information. We would also like to know what information you find useful and what information you would like to see in our infographics.   PracticeInfogram To Find out More: e-mail us on support@companyconnecting.com  call us on 0845 643 5375 or contact Janice on Linkedin