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By Janice


For developing multi-platform software of all kinds, mobile platforms are obviously one of the key considerations – we’re all aware of how much of our activities we carry out using mobile devices. From emailing and social networking to gaming and Googling, we expect to be able to do it all mobile. Most of us do this on either an Apple of Android device. The iPhone vs Android debate will be around for a long time to come, but where there’s no debate is that currently the vast majority (~80%) of mobile devices in use are Android devices. It therefore goes without saying that in order for a country, for example, to have a presence in the industry of developing mobile phone software, Android skills must exist in reasonable quantities.

In order to show where the UK stands in this industry, our latest infographic shows the Android skills present in the UK - according to Company Connecting data. Company Connecting is constantly adding new companies to its data, but is already the authoritative source of information on IT companies in Scotland and many other parts of the UK.

It turns out there’s over 100 companies on Company Connecting capable of working with Android. What do they look like? Our infographic below should give you an idea.

It shows the many other different skills these companies possess, while also displaying their various sectors, company sizes and focus areas to paint a picture of the UK’s Android skills offering.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest sector for Android skills is Gaming, as obviously mobile game apps are extremely popular and there are so many of them out there. Less predictably though, Healthcare is the second most common sector for Android – perhaps reflective of the rise of Digital Health and the tools we use to stay healthy. You could say the rest of the sectors that make up the top 10 are all easily relatable to Android – with the exception of Oil & Gas, which interestingly contributes 4 companies with Android skills.

There’s quite an interesting mix in the sizes of these companies as well. A fair number are made up of one individual, and the largest quantities fit into the 2-5 and 6-9 personnel brackets, but there are actually some pretty big UK companies in this industry too. For an IT company in the UK, 20-49 personnel is a reasonably large company; there are 20 companies that fit in that bracket, and 12 that are bigger – some considerably so.

In terms of geography, the companies are interestingly fairly widely spread across the UK, as you can see from our embedded map. As mentioned previously, we’re still adding to our English, Welsh and Northern Ireland data, but the map is an indicator of where Android companies are most densely situated. In Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow host the bulk of companies skilled in Android as you’d expect but Dundee also has lots: Dundee is a major hub for the Gaming industry in Scotland. In terms of our English data, there’s a lot of Android skills in Cambridge, a very exciting tech economy – as was displayed in our last infographic.

You can view the infographic below.

Company Connecting UK Android Companies

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First published on Company Connecting August 2017
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