What Professional Services do IT Companies need?

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By Janice


The latest Company Connecting article is slightly different from our usual: we hope to generate some discussion with IT companies about what professional services they need. Do you need assistance in recruitment, for example? Legal help? How about Accounting, or Marketing?

We are asking because we’d like to make it easier for you to find these services.

The ultimate goal behind Company Connecting is to connect companies with IT. We perform this function in a variety of ways. We understand that companies not only need to  attract business, but that IT companies have a need to connect with all kinds of other skills of both IT and non-IT nature, to make the most of opportunities. We already help with this, but we’d also like further feedback from IT companies on what kinds of professional services you need.

IT companies, particularly of SME size, focus on their IT skills and are sometimes unsure how to access the professional services and skills that can take their company to the next level. Does strike any chords?

Recruitment companies, for one, would love to reach you and the IT SME market in general. But often they struggle to do so as IT is so complex, full of niches that are indistinguishable to those who don’t know the intricacies of the technology and skills involved.

Nobody understands these intricacies better than Company Connecting. Our position as the authoritative source for data on IT and tech SMEs in Scotland means we understand the make-up of the industry in Scotland better than anyone. We’re always expanding this coverage as well and will eventually be the authority on the whole of the UK and beyond.

Your feedback is important and could quite possibly lead us to develop new services to connect these professional services with IT companies. We are open to working directly with your company to match you with any services that would benefit you specifically.

As a business, Company Connecting uses its position and overview of IT to offer companies of an IT and non-IT nature a number of different business springboards. If reading this blog post is your first interaction with CC, take a look around the site and see what we offer – then register with us as there’s bound to be at least one way we can help your company in the future. 

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"What Professional Services do IT Companies need?" was first published on Company Connecting July 2017
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