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By Janice


1. Don’t get Burned
Company Connecting’s main function is to beneficially connect companies with IT. The reason for this is that when it comes to IT, far too many companies just go to IT companies they know, or companies recommended by people they know. That’s because the complexity of IT is so difficult to navigate as there are countless specialisations, and the quantity and significance of these specialisations is often unappreciated. This results in situations where companies pay IT companies to work with them, only to find that this company doesn’t have the right skills and experience to do the specific job.

These mistakes can be incredibly costly, both financially and in terms of productivity lost. Registering with Company Connecting allows your company to use our overview of the industry to connect you with the company best suited to your organisation in terms of the skills and experience that are needed. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you need, we can use our expertise to define your needs and match you with the company that can best meet them.

2. Our data is the best out there – and we can use it to help YOUR business
The unequalled quality of data Company Connecting has collected and the creative ways we’re constantly finding for using it, make CC the authoritative source of information on IT and tech SMEs in Scotland. We’ve researched the entirety of Scotland’s IT and tech companies, and are always extending the data by adding companies across the rest of the UK and in other countries. This gives Company Connecting a unique birds-eye view of the IT and tech industry: a view we’re happy to use to help you improve your business.

3. We’re a team of people; not robots. We have expertise
Being a registered user of Company Connecting doesn’t mean being signed up by a robot to an automated list of companies that no human will ever see. All CC data goes through verification to make sure we can offer the most accurate service possible. We’re a team of people who each have different roles in a process of maximising the effectiveness of your registration to our service. We want you to reap the rewards by making better use of the IT industry – whatever your field, whatever your goals.

4. Huge network: there are people behind the data
To perform the function Company Connecting offers, a large network is obviously necessary. We’re active on a variety of different platforms; most frequently Twitter and LinkedIn, with a significant (and importantly very industry-specific) audience on each. This is important and useful in many of the ways we help promote companies.

However we also value our inter-personal network very highly. For example our director, Janice Grant-Shaw, has extensive contacts right across the IT industry that we can use to benefit your company. The personal side of the Company Connecting network allows us to actually understand the companies we work with. We can therefore offer a service that is based on human intelligence as well as the extremely valuable data we have.

5. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you
If your business works in IT / tech, chances are you’ve got competitors – probably lots of them. Small setbacks can make you fall a long way behind. These competing companies may well be registered with Company Connecting already. This means they already have the tools to ensure that any IT companies they work with are helping their business succeed, rather than hindering it by being ‘burned’. Don’t take the risk of potentially choosing to work with the wrong companies, leading to mistakes that cost productivity and make you fall behind your competitors!

6. The complexity of IT can be tough to navigate for anyone but particularly for non-IT – we can help there too
What about if you don’t work in IT? How likely are you to understand the skills you really need for the specific IT job you have in mind? If you don’t even know where to start, using Company Connecting takes away the confusion and fear of making the wrong choice that we all feel whenever we venture into something we’re not experts on. If you’re a registered user of CC, we can work with you to give you that feeling of confidence in the suitability of IT companies you’re working with. The team at Company Connecting all have diverse backgrounds, and we’re able to understand your own business goals and reasons for wanting to engage better with IT, while using our IT expertise to find the most effective use of IT for your business’s project.

7. Reasons for Small IT Companies Connect
For a small IT company there are various benefits to working with other IT companies. Other small IT companies can fill gaps in your skill-set that prevent your business from reaching for new heights and building upon what you have. If you register, we’re able to look at the skills your company possesses and what you aim to achieve, and we can then use that information to tell you which companies can best help you achieve your goals.

Another obvious way for a small IT company to grow is to work with bigger IT companies that provide big business. Large IT companies do look to work with smaller companies for various reasons, and being a registered user of Company Connecting means that if your company is most suited to a project you could have the opportunity to gain these more exclusive contracts and bigger business.

8. Reasons for Large IT Companies to Connect
The various niche areas within IT provide a stream of opportunities that can be exploited by companies of all sizes. This can often actually be harder to do for big companies whose size restricts them from having the same perspective of these niche areas. Working with a smaller company to gain that different perspective is often the smartest way of achieving success in new parts of IT, and there’s nowhere better to understand which companies are best to work with for these purposes than Company Connecting. We can use our insight to examine the skills, experiences and niches of smaller companies to inform you about what would be the most valuable collaborations.

9. We understand IT and how to promote a business – potentially fill skill gaps
Obviously IT is an enormous field made up of many interesting companies and highly-skilled individuals. According to Company Connecting data, 56% of the IT and tech companies in Scotland have 5 people or less. These smaller companies tend to be made up of individuals with skills in IT that they wish to apply to a business. Often though, they don’t have much experience in running a business as this isn’t the part that interests them. This can prevent the technological ideas and skills your business possesses from making significant strides forward. Being a registered user of Company Connecting and engaging with our services allows us to use our understanding of both IT skills and successful business practice to take your business to the next level.

10. Place ads in Classifieds at a rate reduced for registered users
One of the various options on Company Connecting’s site is the Classifieds, which appears in the top menu. Here we advertise a variety of things, from events, jobs and job-seekers to professional services. CC promote these Classifieds to a very industry-specific audience via social media and they’re a genuinely good value way of reaching the kind of people you want to become aware of whatever you’d like to promote. Registered users get access to these Classified ads at a reduced rate, which makes them even better value.

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"10 Reasons to Register with Company Connecting" First published on Company Connecting July 2017
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