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By Janice


One of the fastest growing areas in IT and tech, E-Learning, Training & Education is a wide field made up of diverse skills. The common characteristic among companies in this field is their intent to develop tech solutions that make it easier for people to learn new information and develop their abilities.

The scale of the E-learning industry is widely recognised, but to understand the details of the mix of companies that make up this industry in Scotland it is essential to look at the Company Connecting Scottish E-Learning, Training & Education Infographic. This was created using Company Connecting data, the only comprehensive collection of data on all IT companies in Scotland; and therefore the information in the infographic cannot be found anywhere else.

Take the time to have a detailed look over the interactive infographic to understand the variety within the field. It hopefully also suggests that Scotland’s presence in the world of E-Learning & Training means that it can be a part of its huge growth that will no doubt continue.

Bespoke training, it turns out, is by a distance the skill most commonly featured among the 287 companies. Software Development unsurprisingly features significantly too, but an especially interesting thing to take from looking at the Top 10 skills is the eclectic mix of skills involved. This includes the usual general IT skills but there is also an equal representation of skills specific to E-Learning activities, such as Course Design.

The Education sector of course plays host to the largest number of the companies. However the Oil & Gas, Financial Services and Retai sectors feature strongly too. Most of us can relate to having completed electronic courses at the beginning of or during employment at some point, and Company Connecting data corroborates this with the spread of sectors we can see use E-Learning for one purpose or another. You can also see which sectors in Scotland may be slightly behind.
Edinburgh is home to by far the largest portion of the companies in the infographic, much more than Glasgow, even. Aberdeen also sees a significant number: largely, but not entirely related to the Oil & Gas industry’s weighty body of E-Learning & Training companies. There are many other locations around the country where E-Learning & Training companies choose to set up. This is perhaps representative of the great range of uses in various kinds of environments. Evidently most of the E-Learning & Training companies in Scotland are small companies with less than 10 employees, which shows that Scottish industry is still growing. It does also display there is diversity and competition in the industry; a symptom of a healthy industry.

Clearly a great deal of useful knowledge can be drawn from the data in the Scottish E-Learning, Training & Education infographic, so make sure to take the time to view the full infographic below.

Company Connecting data has previously been used to create other infographics on the IT industry in Scotland and beyond (See the recent Digital Health infographic). Company Connecting is the authoritative source of information on IT and tech companies in Scotland; similar infographics will continue to be published in future. Keep an eye on the blog and the Company Connecting social media channels to see these. We are expanding into other areas of the UK and have a consderable depth of information for companies in the rest of the UK too e.g. Cambridge

Scottish IT Companies working in E-learning, Training and Education

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First published on Company Connecting June 2017
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