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Company Connecting's Scottish Healthcare and Digital Health Infographic is a timely publication of information based on Company Connecting data; the authoritative source of information on IT/tech SMEs in the UK. It is highly relevant to the Scottish Government's recent request for information on the Digital Health industry, a request undoubtedly made in recognition of the huge growth currently being seen in the industry.

The infographic shows the variety of skills in Scottish Digital Health and the sectors these skills are most commonly deployed in. It also displays the geographic locations where Digital Health activities are based and the top 10 function areas for Scottish IT companies in the Healthcare / Digital Health sector. This gives the clearest available idea of what Digital Health actually looks like in Scotland.

The most common skill in Scottish Digital Health is Software Development, by a very long way. This is common in IT industries, but it acts as an overall reflection of the activities that occur in Digital Health in general. Other skills like App Development, Mobile Applications and Data Management also feature, but as the section of the infographic shows the general picture of skills in the industry is that a variety of tech and business skills are present in relatively even numbers, with the clear exception of software development.

There are evidently companies in a great variety of sectors working in Digital Health in Scotland. These statistics may be surprising but they show the trend in how the development of eHealth in Scotland has occurred, sourcing skills and resources from a variety of sectors.

It's a great interactive infographic and you can run your cursor over each of the towns and cities where companies work in digital health to see how dense the representation is in each place. Glasgow leads the way, and Glasgow and Edinburgh between host the vast majority companies working in the sector. Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness also feature of course, while there are companies spread out working in towns such as Motherwell, Inverurie and Forres.

You can also see that by far the majority of companies working in Digital Health in Scotland are made up of small and medium sized companies, employing less than 50 people. The Scottish Government are clearly trying to develop a strategy on Digital Health / eHealth, and ths trend in the size of businesses working in the industry may be particularly interesting to them in creating a plan for growing the industry moving forward.

Interact with the infographic: for anyone with an interest in this industry in Scotland there is a great deal of information to pick up. In particular, it provides an understanding that may help create strategies for building Scottish Digital Health in the future; something the Scottish Government are clearly especially keen to do.

This article and infographic provides just an example of the use that can be made of Company Connecting data in various industries. Company Connecting will be publishing more of these infographics and articles moving forward which should have value to many readers. 

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"Scottish Healthcare and Digital Health Infographic by Company Connecting" First published on Company Connecting July 2017
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