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Why did you choose to come and study in Aberdeen?
I decided to come and study in Aberdeen because I love meeting people from different cultures. I wanted to work together with individuals who are open-minded and I believe that all the skills that I acquired in the university helped me to develop myself a lot, not only as a professional, but also as a person. Furthermore, the combination of theory and practice really attracted me to come and study in RGU. Now, as a person who is graduating soon, I have been exposed to a variety of working environments, which gives me an advantage.

What have you enjoyed most about your studies?
As I mentioned in the previous question, I really loved the opportunity to work in a real business environment. This is very useful now when I have to decide in what area I would like to develop myself. The other part of my education that I really enjoyed was conducting my thesis research. I understood how much I have learnt over the past four years. Combining these skills I created a very interesting honours project, focusing on SMEs and social media. Actually, my research was the first one testing an existing model in the context of Scottish SMEs. As a result I got first class, which made me feel proud of the whole project and effort.

Regarding SMEs’ use of social media, what did you find the most interesting in your studies for your thesis?
The most interesting thing for me was definitely that even if I focused on companies from different sectors, most of the participants gave me similar answers. Actually, this showed that the social media platforms are used in the same way and this is due to the fact that small companies do not have resources and experience to invest in social media networks. Social media is a vital marketing tool in the modern business world.

Do you have any advice for SMEs on how they can make the best use of social media?
I would say that social media should be part of any business. Actually, if you want your company to be up-to-date and communicate with its customers, social media is a compulsory tool. It is good for the firms to have their messages (for products and services) out there and use them to engage with the people. If the clients (existing or potential) read what they want, it is more likely for your business to keep them in the long-term.

What are your hopes and plans for your next step now that you’ve completed your degree?
During the internships that I had in my studies, I understood that I want to develop myself in the marketing area. So, I am looking for a Marketing or Project Management position. I am eager to work for an IT company and at the moment I am trying to find home-based roles or positions back in Bulgaria.

How do you feel studying Management has set you up for your future career plans? What are the main skills you’ve picked up?
I definitely became more confident and learnt how to communicate with different people. This is crucial in any business role. Additionally, I developed my leadership and creativity skills, which I believe will be beneficial in my future careers.


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First published on Company Connecting June 2017
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