UK IT Companies Working in Healthcare/ Digital Health

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By Janice


Company Connecting brings fantastic insights into the UK IT companies working in the Digital Health industry, as well as some interesting infographics. This week we combined these to bring you an updated infographic of IT Companies working in Healthcare and Digital Health.This is one of the sectors where technology is creating major changes. Our research has returned some interesting and unexpected results, chief among them being that Financial Services is the top sector for IT companies also working in Digital Health. This is not surprising, as both Financial Services and Healthcare are major private and public sector markets.

The public sector influence is reflected further down the list with Government, Education, and the umbrella ‘Public Sector’ taking third, fourth and fifth place. This beats Retail and Consumer Goods sectors as well as Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defence, and Oil and Gas.

A correlation might be drawn that many IT companies servicing the Health sector are also heavily involved in various other Public sector markets. It also potentially allows us to draw the conclusion that national healthcare services are adopting Digital Health solutions rather rapidly, which is a positive sign both for patients as well as the growth of the Digital Health market itself.

The Top 10 skills possessed by IT companies working in areas of Digital Health or Healthcare perhaps comes as slightly less of a surprise, with Software Development coming in well ahead of the remaining skills on the list. It is followed in order by, Mobile Apps, Project Management, App Development, Cloud Solutions, Data Management and Consulting.

As well as sector and skills we took a look at the sizes of IT companies working in Healthcare and Digital Health. The largest percentage of companies working in this field are ‘Micro’ at 39.33%, i.e.  a company with fewer than 10 employees. This is followed by Small at 31.38% i.e. a company with fewer than 50 employees . However there are a significant number of large companies also working in the field with ‘Medium’ (companies between 50 and 150 employees) representing 18.42%, and Large (companies with over 250 employees) representing 10.87% of IT companies working in the Healthcare and Digital Health market.

You can find lots more insights and details by viewing and manipulating the infographic below. If you are looking for an IT company with experience in the Digital Health or Healthcare industries, get in touch with Company Connecting for impartial advice. UK IT Companies Working in Healthcare/ Digital Health

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