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Hi there, could you tell us a little about and the work that you do?
At Chino we help digital health companies to solve security and regulatory compliance issues by offering them a secure Backend and Database as a Service. With Chino service companies can ensure security and compliance with data protection laws, reduce drastically costs and time to market, and deliver their services globally.

Could you tell us a little background about
Chino has been founded in 2015 by Jovan Stevovic (CEO) and Stefano Tranquillini (CTO), two friends and PhD colleagues at the University of Trento. Jovan has been doing working in health IT industry and researching on privacy and medical record sharing issues, while Stefano has built different multi-tier web and mobile health applications.

The idea of Chino originates from their past experience. Initially (from 2011) Chino was a research project and stand for Cloud Health Interoperability Platform. Now the shift has moved to security and services for application developers, but the vision remained the same: building a digital health platform that removes obstacles and enables developers to innovate in a complex environment like healthcare.

How important is data security in the development of a new healthcare product?
It is an increasingly fundamental aspect in every sector due to the increasing amount and value of data. The data is the new oil and we see more and more businesses relying on that to generate value and revenues. The two biggest tech companies in the world rely on data economy as revenue stream.

In healthcare the security and privacy is even more fundamental. Health data are worth more than credit card info on black markets. Users are more and more concerned about potential risks, and recent studies show that 59% of users do not trust digital health apps and sharing their personal data.

So if we want  to have impact in the digital health we and application developers must ensure maximum security and comunicate this very carefully to end users.

Navigating EU compliance laws, especially within an industry as sensitive as Healthcare is presumably incredibly time consuming. In your mind, what strengths highlight as a means of navigating such litigation?
Chino’s vision is to make compliance a non problem for developers. We have done a huge amount of work on this since compliance is a extremely complex environment where you need to consider EU regulations and directives on medical data and software (there are at least 5 touching this aspect), EU and international cyber security standards, international certifications, national level certifications like HDS-France and HIPAA-US.

Overall we learn everyday something because we meet everyday new companies and startups in digital health sphere, and we reuse that knowledge for others to help them.'s position in the development of Healthcare apps and other technologies must offer a unique insight into some of the fantastic innovation going on in the world of Healthcare. With this in mind, where do you see the future of healthcare and specifically Digital Health?
The A.I. applied to Healthcare is fascinating and at the same time a bit scaring. It can make every app or service extremely smarter.

I expect that we will achieve huge improvements in prevention, disease  detection, personalised medicine, and whenever A.I. will be applied to support, and in near future potentially substitute, physicians.


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First published on Company Connecting February 2017
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