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By Janice


Hi there, could you tell us a little about Biotaware's background and how your company was established?
Biotaware is a software development and solutions company created specifically to address the needs of Digital Health.  We're located in Nottingham which has a strong medical and technology presence in the UK.  With the rise of smartphones, wearables and other connected devices, we saw an opportunity to provide development services that support the collection of patient data which can then be analysed.

Who are the key people behind Biotaware and what are your backgrounds?
The founders are myself, Justin Johnson (CEO), and Simon Morris (COO).  We both have a strong background in commercial software development spanning a number of industries.  Our team is composed of software developers, designers, managers and an experienced advisory board.

What is Biotawares mission?
Biotaware's mission is to provide systems and solutions to many health sectors particularly in relation to connecting biosensor devices, smartphones and cloud computers.  Ultimately, all of this technology is used to improve wellbeing and, in the case of clinical environments, improve patient outcomes.

Digital health is something of a buzzword at the moment, but in terms of scale, it is still an emerging industry. How easy is it to establish a digital health company in the UK today?
The landscape for Digital Health is actually huge and diverse.  One of the biggest challenges we had to meet was selecting the faster moving sectors where we could provide most value.  For example, we chose not to work with hospital patient record systems due to incumbent existing solutions and the red tape involved.  Instead, we chose to work at the fringe where new possibilities can be realised due to the advancement of technology. 

Do you have any particularly interesting examples of digital health companies that Biotaware has worked with?
We've recently worked with a US company in Philadelphia called Akers Bio.  They've started a digital initiative and partnered with us to deliver a system for checking oxidisation and ketone levels from breath.  These levels are captured using disposable cartridges and then sent to a tablet and cloud server platform for analysis by healthcare professionals.

With all the digital innovation going on at the moment, where do you see the future of healthcare? And importantly, where do you see Biotaware in that future?
There's a strong trend in healthcare to empower individuals to monitor and be responsible for their own health.  Advancement in technology allows that to happen and in the coming years we'll see an increasing number of biosensors that become ever more discreet and marketed as lifestyle devices.  Biotaware's place in this future is to provide the software systems that glue these technologies together and offer health care possibilities that were previously unavailable or unrealised.


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First published on Company Connecting February 2017
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