Spotlight on Edinburgh: An Interview with Big Data for Humans

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By Janice


Hi there, firstly could you tell us a little background and who is involved in Big Data for Humans?
Big Data for Humans was founded by Peter Ellen [ previously founder of Fopp - sold to HMV plc and Maxymiser Inc - sold to Oracle] and Steven Rose [ formerly Maxymiser, Inidcia]. We provide SaaS software that helps retail and travel companies around the world understand who their customers are so they can make more money. Clients include Selfridges,Tesco and AirAsia.

Where did the idea for Big Data for Humans come from, and how exactly does it work?
In our previous roles we realised that many big retail and travel companies don't have a detailed knowledge of their customers. The traditional customer analytics technology to do this job is both expensive, slow to deploy and hard to operate.

‘Big data’ is something of a buzzword at the moment, how do you define it?
In volume, in diverse structures and through next generation capabilities to convert it into useful information for humans.

How important is leveraging ‘big data’ to optimise marketing strategies? And what impact will this have on the future of industries such as marketing, advertising and business to consumer relationships at large?
Its critical as large multi-channel businesses have large diverse customer groups. If they can understand the requirements of those customers they can win, serve and retain them better.

Edinburgh is home to a number of tech companies including the likes of yourselves, Skyscanner and Zonefox to name a few. Where do you see the IT and Tech industry progressing in Edinburgh?
The critical function is to develop sales and marketing expertise with a global outlook. For the companies that succeed this sets them apart and a few start ups have executed this well, improving the local talent pool. This expertise drives better product development and innovation so that start-ups find genuine product: market fit in scalable markets that they understand well.


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First published on Company Connecting February 2017
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