Artificial Intelligence and Related Skills Infographic 2017

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By Janice


Company Connecting’s Artificial Intelligence Infographic takes a look at the information Company Connecting has on AI companies and their characteristics i.e. skills, size, sectors, and main focus areas. Included in our Artificial Intelligence infographic are companies with related skills including Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning.

In this infographic we have chosen to compare our Scottish data, where we have the best coverage, with our overall data from the UK and beyond, which we are actively researching.

Analytics is the top skill across both Scottish and our wider database companies, however while Big Data is in second place for Scottish companies, it comes up third across our wider database. In second place for all our AI companies is Software Development, which comes in third for the Scottish companies.

Financial Services is the top Sector serviced by both Scottish and all companies on our database. Healthcare overtakes IT in second place when switching between Scotland and All Data. Other notable additions are Retail and E-Commerce, both of which increasingly employ artificial intelligence solutions to understand the shopping habits of their customers to augment their service.

Both the Oil and Gas sector and Financial Services sectors positive showing in the data reflect the willingness of key regional markets, Aberdeen as Oil and Gas capital of Europe and London as a major financial hub, and their willingness to engage with innovative new technology such as AI.  

Company Connecting data indicates that the majority of artificial intelligence companies on our database have a staff of under 50 personnel. 29 companies have between 2-5 employees, 27 have between 20-49, 26 have between 6-9 employees. This indicates that there is a reasonable distribution of company size across the AI industry, from start ups, through into SME’s and onto larger enterprises, with a smaller showing for major companies with 100 plus staff.

The largest focus areas for this group of companies on our database is cloud based systems monitoring and testing with 14 companies operating in the focus area, followed by Software as a Service (SaaS) and  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with 9 companies within their focus area respectively.

Be sure to take a good look at our infographic, and analyse the differences between our Scotland specific company data and our wider database. Upcoming in our Infographic series we will be taking a look at IT and Tech in Edinburgh, and also revisiting Digital Health for 2017.

Company Connecting’s data reach and definition is constantly improving, and 2017 is an important year for us as we onboard much more UK wide data and move into other countries such as Estonia and other IT hubs. Register with us to find your own data insights, and keep an eye on our blog for more insights!


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"Artificial Intelligence and Related Skills Infographic" First published on Company Connecting November 2016
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