Scottish IT Companies: The 2017 Infographic Series

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By Janice


We open 2017 with a new set of infographics. We have refreshed our data, and over the next few weeks will be bring you infographics on IT companies by geography, skill and sector. We are introducing the company age which gives us further interesting statistics.

Our first infographic of the year summarises the information we have on almost 2,400 IT SMEs in Scotland.  Glasgow and Edinburgh are by far the biggest hubs of IT companies in Scotland – both have over more than 500 companies. Scotland, however is well represented with IT companies spread from Orkney to Hawick.

For the first time we have taken a look at the age of the companies:7% are less than three years old, 45% are between and 10 years old, and 48% are more than 10 years. We also looked at the size and the age of the company which is summarised in the graph below.

IT companies registered in Scotland are not huge: 50% have 5 or less employees, and 25% have more than 10 employees.

The top five sectors that the IT companies work in are : IT, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, SME and Healthcare. So the IT sector is the largest client and Oil & Gas despite the recent downturn clearly requires considerable IT support.
There are more than 1,000 different skills across the companies. Software Development is the leader in our skills table by a substantial margin with 691 (29%) of the companies offering these services. Website design, App development and Project Management also feature high on the leader board.  However, there are also loads of other skills across all sorts of disciplines e.g, games, security, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality etc.

So lots going on in Scotland. You can check out our infographic below - it may take a few seconds to load.

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First published on Company Connecting January 2017
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