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By Janice


Hi there, could you tell us a little about SecurionPay and the inspiration behind your company?
SecurionPay is a cross-device platform with simplified payment flow. We have been talking to online business owners for years, learning their expectations and decided to build a payment platform tailored precisely to their needs. We knew that something in the payment industry had to change and we were eager to pick up the gauntlet to offer friendly payment solutions for both businesses and their clients. Today we work with European businesses and enable them to process online and mobile payments across the world.

We know that when you choose a new solution it’s hard to start your work the way you like, and that the never ending setup process can harm your business. That’s why SecurionPay is based on powerful and very flexible APIs to make the integration as simple and short as possible. There’s also a drag and drop feature so even non-developers can add payments to their websites quickly and easily without having to write a single line of code. Businesses can focus on their growth.
The inspiration behind our company is pretty straightforward – there was no company that could fulfil all payment related needs of European merchants and we wanted to change it. Before SecurionPay I had worked for one of the European payment processors. I was continually evaluating the market and noticed that lots of my customers struggled with implementations, technical problems of various platforms, PCI requirements, never ending compliance process, and so on. This all led to some loss in revenue and precious developer’s time and – worst of all - losing customer’s trust. Finally, we decided to change it and create much better online payments that would challenge the status quo of European market payment processing and provide the right experience all merchants were looking for.

How does SecurionPay work?
SecurionPay is a payment platform, so – as a merchant – you can implement our technology on your site to sell products or services and receive money from your customers. We have two main products - Checkout (flexible payments in a popup form) and Custom Form, payments that can be seamlessly embedded into any website’s look and feel.
Both products are extremely easy to implement and fully customizable, and can therefore be used for any payment scenario. As a business, you can choose between collecting one-time payments, automatic recurring payments (for subscription-based businesses, like SaaS companies) or donations. We support 160 currencies worldwide and 23 languages, have the highest security standards (tokenization, non- invasive 3D Secure and wide range of anti-fraud tools) and provide the very responsive support our customers love.

When did SecurionPay begin and how did you build up to the business you are today?
We launched SecurionPay in 2014, and we intensify our efforts to keep the high growth rate we have today. This intensification is made possible by improving our product, expending our partners list, and adding new features to simplify online payments for both business owners and their customers.

15 years in the payments industry has taught us plenty. We know that “in order to break the rules, you must first master them,” a phrase used in the advertising of a certain Swiss watchmaker. We have spent years learning the ropes to be able to disrupt the payment industry afterwards.

We noticed that the processes in payments were long-lasting, unfriendly, and not efficient. Keeping things simple, transparent and easy has become our obsession. Developer focused platform with the most amazing API was our goal and conversion increase has been a target ever since. What we did was fix all the common problems which occur throughout the entire payment process. This served to bring to our partners a hassle-free payment experience no matter where they paid and which device they used.

We’ve always had a very pro-merchant approach. As mentioned before, we give our clients responsive customer support to improve their business performance and make them grow. Always listening to our clients feedback makes it easier to provide them with the best payment solution that meets their needs. Also, we constantly build our online presence that attracts clients, and attend many conferences so our present and future clients can meet us there. We are always open to talk.

SecurionPay facilitates payments for E-commerce sites, dating sites, online gaming and ticket purchasing, to name a few. What do you feel makes SecurionPay so versatile across such a varied range of online services?
We have a great product that is created to process payments with the highest security, increase conversion and decrease abandoned cart rate. All of these industries consider it as a priority for the healthy growth of their businesses. Therefore, we treat each of our customers as a partner and provide a very flexible solution that can be used in any payment scenario they wish to create.
What’s more we have quite broad experience in the payment space and we’ve had the chance to work with customers from many industries before. We understand their needs and pain points so we can provide the exact solution they’re looking for.

SecurionPay is based in Switzerland; are there any challenges for a new FinTech company in breaking into such an established financial hub?
We’re based in Switzerland, but we consider ourselves as a European company. We have offices in Switzerland, Spain, Poland and a small representation in the UK, so even if we’re a Swiss company we have customers (both big corporations and startups) in almost all countries across Europe. Switzerland has a brand of an established financial hub, but it’s actually a really innovative country that support startups and fintech industry, and gives you a great base for international expansion.

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First published on Company Connecting December 2016
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