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Hi there, could you tell us a little about Seismic and how it works? 

Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution for institutional financial services firms worldwide. Seismic’s platform gives asset and wealth management firms and business banks the ability to deliver the right client content at the right time, facilitating a world-class client experience. With Seismic, marketing teams are automating the personalisation of client-facing materials via Seismic’s award-winning LiveDocs® technology, which are then automatically accessed by distribution teams at any time, on any device, and always fully compliant, allowing them to spend more time developing and nurturing client relationships. 

Where did the inspiration for Seismic come from? 

Seismic was founded in 2010 by a group of veterans in the document management industry. CEO and co-founder Doug Winter had also founded Objectiva and then re-built Document Sciences, where he met future Seismic co-founder and CTO Marc Romano and which was successfully acquired by EMC in 2008. 

At that time, there was a rapid convergence of technologies—specifically cloud platforms and mobile devices (the iPad having launched in 2009)—that could be used to solve a host of problems affecting enterprises. Seismic's founding team recognised one such problem between client-facing and marketing teams: an inability to equip client-facing teams with the right content at the right time. Client-facing teams were wasting time searching for content in countless repositories, and marketing had little to no insight into what content client-facing teams were using and whether it was effective. In 2010, Seismic's founding team broke away from EMC, aiming to build a cloud-based solution to provide the right content to the right people at the right time. 

What is Seismic's mission? 

Seismic's mission is to facilitate a world-class client experience for large businesses. Personalised content and recommendations have become the expectation, not the exception, among clients and customers today. Seismic's ability to personalise content at scale and free up time for client-facing teams to spend more time focusing on the client, not the creation of content, allows them to offer those types of personalised experiences to clients more often and more effectively. 

Seismic has a focus on sales enablement? Could you tell us a little about how you define that term, and how Seismic is equipped to offer sales enablement solutions?  

Sales enablement means ensuring that client-facing and distribution teams have the right content and information at the right time for any interaction with a client or prospective client, thus "enabling" advisers and relationship managers to have the most productive conversations possible.  

Seismic is best equipped to provide such a solution in a host of ways: Our LiveDocs(r) technology automates the creation of pitch books, quarterly reports, investment reviews, and more, freeing up time for the adviser to focus on the conversation with the client, not just the content. Additionally, our integrations with other popular services, such as Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, as well as our mobile apps, means that client-facing teams have that content at their fingertips in the platforms and technologies they are already using. Analytics are wrapped around the entire Seismic platform, so both client-facing teams and marketing know when a client has received a piece of client, whether they opened it, which parts of the content they viewed and for how long, and whether they shared it with others, providing the data client-facing teams need to have more effective future conversations with the client, and marketing teams the data they need to make metrics-based iterations to the content. 

Seismic describes its work with the powerful phrase: 'We're not just building a company. We're revolutionising an industry.' Where exactly do you see Seismic within the 'FinTech' industry, as well as the wider financial services industry?  

The problems Seismic solves are not industry-specific within financial services; asset management firms, wealth management houses, and business banking operations all need to ensure that their client-facing teams can have the most effective and productive client conversations possible without spending an exorbitant amount of time on creating content. By bringing personalisation at scale to an industry where client relations and communications are fundamental to the success of both the business and the client, Seismic is indeed helping revolutionise the financial services industry.
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