Seeing Augmented Reality for the first time was a Eureka moment for ooh-AR Director Andrew Jackson

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By Janice


This Week we spoke with Andrew Jackson, Director at UK based Augmented Reality firm ooh-AR

Hi Andrew, could you tell us how you got into AR
For the last 29 years our company has provided contract publishing services, producing magazines and newspapers around the world. Digital projects have been introduced over the years, and about 4 years ago we saw our first AR demo. It was a real eureka moment as we knew immediately what value AR could add to print projects. I didn’t sleep much that night but researched and read all I could about AR. I was fascinated by its possibilities!

Was that when you believed it was a viable technology?
I certainly thought this is something that could add value and raise revenues. In actual fact we got our very first sale the next day! It’s applicable to so many areas. Our faith and belief in the long term sustainability of AR has recently been reinforced by Apple and Facebook’s statements that they are in AR for the long run. If the big players are getting involved that sends the signal that AR will not be a here today gone tomorrow tech. Sometimes AR can be gimmicky – companies will only dip their toe in for a short campaign and not go the whole hog. At ooh-AR we believe incorporating AR as an innovative new communications channel is a no brainer – users already have the hardware in the form of their mobile devices, we have the software and we have the creative ideas.

Was Pokemon Go a gimmicky example the type you describe?
I wouldn’t say so. Pokemon Go has been great at introducing users all over the world to the concept of AR. To my mind it’s not the most sophisticated use of it but if you tell people “it’s like Pokemon Go”, they immediately start to grasp what you’re talking about.

What Ideas for AR do you see on the horizon in particular?
We haven’t even begun to tap the potential for using AR with packaging. Imagine what could be achieved with an interface between product packaging and your mobile device – interactive options to order more of the product – displaying the range – taking you to a website. The possibilities are truly astonishing.

How do you see AR becoming monetized?
Well of course payment by results is a possibility. However, I don’t foresee a large amount of actual payment for AR apps, except mainly in gaming. However we do believe there is scope for selling AR apps to deliver valuable, specific content, in markets like training and education maybe.

Why do you have a London office?
It’s just a necessity when it comes to sales and communications. London is such a hub that it’s essential to have an office down there to conduct our business. Our tech team is based in the Midlands where overheads are more affordable and we can link to the whole of the UK.

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First published on Company Connecting September 2016
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