Augmented reality; An interview with Ariis AR

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By Janice


This week we sat down with Kate Stevenson of Scottish Augmented Reality firm Ariis AR to talk about her perception of the industry and the future of the technology.

Hi Kate, Broadly speaking what is your business strategy?
ell, compared with more mainstream apps like Blipper we’re not focusing on the general public. We’re more interested in business to business services and point of sale applications though I should mention that we’re always open to taking slightly different directions if something catches our eye.

Have you been surprised at all by who is interest in Augmented Reality Technology?
We were approached by NHS Highland about the possibility of creating something for diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar. The idea would be that the results could be tracked and analysed – providing up to date and even live care for the patient. We’ve also been approached by distilleries for work but perhaps most surprising is universities.

Were they looking for educational apps?
Undoubtedly that was part of their thought process but I think that they were inquiring as to what we could do for them more generally. A University could use AR is so many ways, it’s very exciting.

Being so far north is it difficult to grab attention and exposure?
Ha! We’re not as isolated as people think – it is 2016 after all! But we have also been fortunate to have exposure from the trade show ‘Expo North’. Like I said we get certain amount of people approaching us unsolicited.

AR has been around a lot longer than people think. Why do you feel it’s taken so long to catch on?
A large part of the reason for that is platform. All sorts of things need time to become standard, popular and mainstream for the technology to really take off. Right now we have enough people with the means and use for AR applications. It’s true that the set up costs of AR can be high but the technology that supports it is already there. Additionally, it can be based on a simple image overlay process so it doesn’t require as much money or work as Virtual Reality would.

What advice would you give to people when it comes to the marketing strategy for AR?
Like anything don’t just assume that you can just download an app and everything will play out fine so long as you have that in place. Things don’t just catch on and there tends to be a lot of work around product launches that go into explaining things to the public, customer or end user. Many people won’t use your product unless they see a demonstration first. Pepsi have been inadvertently very good at that through their advert which featured AR.

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