Fairies in the Highlands exist, with the help of Virtual and Augmented Reality

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By Janice


“Fairy Glen School for Fairies – An Adventurous Journey”, is a full colour digitally illustrated children’s book, developed by David Plested as part of his University degree curriculum. The business idea was to create a product that could help parents better connect their children to nature and the environment. The story is set within a popular local visitor area owned by the RSPB, where there are myths of Fairies and spiritual happenings. The intension is to create further titles and increase in sales volume through book resellers and franchise products.

As part of the future marketing of the product, consideration has been placed on what can be achieved with digital animation and mega-trends, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. David is working in conjunction with Chanonry Consulting, who have been experimenting with 360° photography and video, to better understand what can be achieved from a visual presentation perspective. The plan is to take this into a virtual reality world, where children can interact with the Fairies and have fun. Thought has also gone into creating a commercial Fairy product. For this, a visit to the HIE Hello Digital centre in Inverness, provided an opportunity to create a 3D render of one of the Fairy characters from the book, using equipment supplied from MakLab.

To better understand whom in the industry can support the creation of a 3D model, rather than spending time trying to locate companies through a search engine, Chanonry Consulting turned to Company Connecting for support. Using the available credit system, it was possible to pin point local companies who could produce a master 3D model and those who could manufacture plastic replicas of the Fairy character.

The next step in the project is to augment the Fairy Story, for that David is experimenting with CelAction 2D animation software, to create a short film which replicates the book. Clips from the animation will be used to market the book and offerings in conjunction with presence on Facebook social media.

For more information please visit: www.facebook.com/fairyglenschool

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"Fairies in the Highlands exist, with the help of Virtual and Augmented Reality" First published on Company Connecting August 2016
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