In a Nutshell with Kate Stevenson of AriiS AR

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By Janice


How did you get into IT? I met my business partner Scott last September and we got talking about the idea. After doing research and attending several trade shows up and down the country, we decided we had to go for it and make our idea a reality. Was this an entirely new area for you? Largely yes! I had a lot to learn. My career background is quite varied – I’ve had roles in marketing, teaching, commercial training and spent many years in the fire service. Where do you see your business going in the next few years? Actually, this has been part of one of the more significant things I’ve learned recently. When we started we had a specific pre-conceived notion of what our business was going to do and what it was going to look like. Now we’ve been approached by people we never expected to encounter and we’re looking at the possibility of doing things neither of us had anticipated. So for that reason I’m keeping an open mind and making the best of any opportunities that come along. You’re based in the picturesque highlands yes? Are there any disadvantages for living there? Surprisingly not! Our internet is great and we have great connections via Inverness airport. For example I often fly down to Bristol for business and to see family. On the other hand we do have to put up with high Highland postal charges and if a road is closed it can mean over a 100 mile detour! Where is your favourite place? Apart from home!? I’d have to say Gigha - an island off the coast of Mull of Kintyre that’s got fantastic beaches with palm trees. Who would you most like to meet and why? I think that would have to be Theresa May. I just think it’s fascinating that she has to handle Brexit having been a remain supporter. Contact Information Kate’s Linkedin Profile: Register with Company Connecting here Click here for more News and Nutshells Contact us at: E-mail: Phone: 0845 643 5375 First published on Company Connecting September 2016 ©Company Connecting