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This week’s Nutshell is David Howarth of iDE8. His company does some pretty interesting stuff which includes exploring the concept of a tricorder. "Trekkies" will know that tricorders were used in the Starfleet to scan and examine living beings as well as recording data and numerous other activities. Something that was once science fiction is now a reality.

What is the main focus of iDE8
We allow medical device companies to outsource product and service development. We can be, as it were, an extension of those companies and take workload off them. We provide a full range of services. We do many turn key projects, helping the client from start to finish in the development of their product. We work with several different classes of product but our USP is clinical diagnostics.

Will Brexit affect your business at all?
In my opinion the answer is largely no. The majority of our clients within the UK who wish to export within Europe will still have to adhere with the EU standards and directives. In all likelihood the UK will either continue to follow the current regulations or mirror them. So practically it won't make much difference to companies on the ground.

What was your first job?
Working in a DIY store in Glasgow.

How did you get into IT?
I started working for a company called Lifescan who did various blood glucose systems and worked in several roles with them over a period of years.

Interesting Fact about you
Well I’d like to offer an interesting fact about my company. We are actually exploring the concept of “tricorders” -  the Star Trek like machines that can scan someone to determine vital signs or other indicators of their health. Some of this kind of technology is already being adapted for use with mobile phones; for instance I’ve worked on a plug-in for a mobile phone that reads blood sugar.

Favourite Car?
Aston Martin – no question.

Person you’d most like to meet?
Possibly Mark Zuckerberg – purely because it would be interesting to know how he grew and marketed Facebook to become what it is today. The story of its rise and the consequent demise of other social media like Beebo and Myspace is fascinating.

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