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By Janice


This week we are looking at companies working in the area of Big Data and Data analytics, complementing our article on Disruptive technologies in the legal sector, and our Nutshell on David Eccles of Wallscope, specialists in Artificial Intelligence and semantic technologies.

From our database of 3,300+ IT companies, we have identified 186 who have skills in the areas of Big Data and Analytics. These companies have a variety of other skills in the data area e.g. data management, cleansing, business intelligence, big users etc.

The companies tend to be slightly larger with 59% having less than 20 employees, against the average of around 65% on our database. 15% of these companies have more than 100 employees against the average on our database of 6%.

The top five sectors these companies work in are  Financial Services, Healthcare, IT, Oil & Gas and Retail.

We have completed the data for Scotland and Cambridgeshire and are currently loading data for the rest of the UK. So this needs to be taken not account for our geographical analysis. The top three areas are Edinburgh with 20% of the companies, Cambridge with 17% and Glasgow with 135.

Please take a look at our infographic below for more information.  It is interactive, so you can hover over the word clouds and charts to get more information. You can also view our article on Artificial Intelligence and Disruption in the legal sector, and our Nutshell on David Eccles of Wallscope whose company specialises in Artificial Intelligence and semantic technologies.

Data Companies July 2016

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