IT Companies with Cyber Security Skills: Company Connecting Insights

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By Janice


Our infographic this week is IT companies who work in the Cyber Security space. It accompanies our interactive map showing where these companies are located.  Of the 3,300+ IT companies on Company Connecting, 147 have Cyber Security skills. Our analytics shows a disparity in Cyber Security skills between IT companies in Scotland and England. Only 2.5% of the Scottish IT companies offer Cyber Security services in comparison to 10% of the English companies. We completed loading all the information on IT companies in Cambridgeshire earlier this year and Cambridge comes top of our league for IT companies offering IT skills by some way – in comparison to Glasgow and Edinburgh. The top three sectors serviced by these companies are Financial Services, Government and healthcare. We are continuing to add information on IT companies for the rest of the UK. Companies are registering to get their company profiles prioritised for inclusion to Company Connecting.To get your company added to Company Connecting please register here . Hovering over the word clouds and the graphs will provide information on the number of IT companies. We have previously published infographics for regions and, IT sectors and skills. You can look at the other infographics from our blog. Cyber Security Companies  Contact us at: E-mail: Phone: 0845 643 5375 First published on Company Connecting June 2016 ©Company Connecting