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By Janice


We completed loading the information on IT companies in Scotland sometime ago and started looking at other areas of the UK earlier in the year. We recently completed researching IT Companies in Cambridgeshire (see last week’s infographic).  Companies have also registered and updated their company profiles,  so we now have information on 3,300+ IT companies, 846 companies of which are in England. This week we provide an insight into the size, skills, sectors and locations of English IT companies on Company Connecting.

From our sample the companies tend to be larger than those in Scotland i.e. 37% of these companies have < 10 employees, and 18% have more than 100. The top sectors are Healthcare, Financial Services and Education. Once again Software Development is the top skill.

There is a lot of information in the infographic below, particularly in the two word clouds. Hovering over the word clouds and the graphs will provide information on the number of IT companies. We have previously published infographics for regions and, IT sectors and skills. You can look at the other infographics from our blog.

English Companies

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