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By Janice


We have researched more than 10,000 companies to get the information on the 3,200+ companies we have on our Company Connecting database. We have now completed the CB post code area. This includes Cambridgeshire, parts of West Suffolk, and North West Essex. We have identified and added details of 491 IT companies in this area.

Some info about the IT companies in the CB Post code area:

  • Out of 491 companies, 358 are in Cambridge itself. Ely, Saffron Walden and Newmarket also have clusters of IT companies
  • 50% of the IT companies have less than 20 employees
  • The biggest customer sector for IT companies is Healthcare
  • 56% of companies have Software development skills

We will be carrying out a further review of the companies, particularly expanding on the sectors that they work in.

There is a lot of information in the infographic below, particularly in the two word clouds. Hovering over the word clouds and the graphs will provide information on the number of IT companies.

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Cambridgeshire IT Companies

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First published on Company Connecting June 2016
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