IT companies in the Oil & Gas sector; Infographic from Company Connecting

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By Janice


This week’s infographic is IT companies working in the Oil & Gas Sector. Not surprisingly at least 50% of the companies are based in the North East of Scotland, but there is a good spread across Scotland. Software Development is the top skill again, with 37% of IT companies involved in developing software. Project Management and Business Analysis are also in the top three skills. IT Companies work in many other sectors, Healthcare and Financial Services are once again in the top 5. Energy, Aerospace, Engineering and Marine all feature in the top 10 sectors serviced by the IT companies. This again reflects on the nature of the Oil & Gas industry – skills in supporting a complex offshore industry. There are a huge variety of business focus areas. Process Control, Document Management and Risk Management are the top three business application areas. There is a higher than average focus on spatial and visualization skills such as 3D visualization, GIS, and Map Management We have previously published infographics in our 2016 series for all regions in Scotland and also Cambridgeshire. You can look at the other infographics from our blog or by clicking on the following  links Healthcare, Scotland,  Perthshire & Northern Scotland, Borders & South West Scotland,  Stirling & Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cambridgeshire Please take a look at our infographic below. It is interactive, so you can hover over the word clouds and charts to get more information. Click here for more news. IT Companies in the Oil and Gas sectorCreate your own infographics