Anarkik Creations is raising £20,000 via Crowdfunding

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By Janice


Anarkik3D is a Company Connecting member, and we featured its CEO Ann Marie Shillito in our Nutshell series last year. Ann Marie is an artist and jeweler. With her team she has developed Anarkik3D Design which exploits 3D virtual touch (haptics) to make 3D design more spontaneous. She has also set up Anarkik Creations to sell unique 3D printed jewellery. The crowdfunding campaign will provide the funds to create an online community and e-commerce website, create more stock, and via matched funding give a marketing intern the opportunity to help us on our journey.

Anarkik Creations is about innovative, distinctive 3D printed jewellery and accessories, which enables people to express their personality and stand out from the crowd. The work of the designers using our 3D modelling software has a very different aesthetic to that of CAD designed work. We are starting with 3 jewellers, Elizabeth Armour, Birgit Laken and Genna Delaney, and their work is amazingly gorgeous. Ann Marie is the 4th designer.

We have an extensive reward list for pledges ranging from bespoke one off jewellery, limited edition jewellery in series (different sizes, colour and materials), through to a 3D printer. The selected reward pieces from our designers, both limited editions and one-offs, reflect their differing styles.

What is special about Anarkik Creations’ artists and designers is that they not only use Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D modelling package to produce designs that are organic, and unlike anything produced using computer design programmes, their designs are then 3D printed and finished by hand to individualise them. For example, traditional jewellery skills are used to add the silver, pearls and stones that are included in the designs. There is no mass production or over production either.

We wish Anarkik Creations and Anarkik3D the best of luck in their new venture, and look forward to seeing the launch of the Anarkik Creations web site.

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"Anarkik Creations is raising £20,000 via Crowdfunding" First published on Company Connecting April 2016
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