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By Janice


Main Focus of the Business
We are a recent start up and provide Managed Security Services of an outsourced on-site service with a unique, radical approach to cyber security. We use the best in breed, self-remediating security tools coupled with the best in breed human mind-set to proactively visualise security threats. The “normal” mind naturally glosses over the ever increasing big data hence miss the tell-tale sign/clues.

Our team includes graduates with a diagnosis of Asperger’ or high functioning Autism who excel in visual analytics to identify the patterns / anomalies and have excellent memories.  Many of the cyber adversaries have been shown to have similar thinking and traits, so this is fighting “like with like” with many win-win scenarios - social, ethical, cost efficient, but above all an integrated human – technology scalable flexible solution.

What do you do now?
Get funded and employ a sales/marketer or a business partner to try and sell this solution in a different way to large organisations, as it is still a chicken and egg situation. Need to find a board of directors willing to “think out of the box”, rather than make a decision to opt for cyber insurance.

What was your very first job?
Whilst at college in 1979, a (temp) lecturer also ran a company designing control systems. He spotted my talent and offered me a job on the spot.

As a teenager, I saw my products shipped worldwide and gained confidence in pursuing my Electronics Interest. After graduating with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering I moved into hardware and software design of networks.

How did you get into IT?
Natural progression of working with Electronics and the potential of computing and software to make all of our lives easier.

Interesting fact about You?
I strived to work for bleeding edge companies on new products and technologies. Even in the early 90’s, few people saw the explosion of big data and even fewer realised that there was a growing technology-human mismatch.

Into the new millennium, I went on Autism training as both my sons were diagnosed. I researched the “disabilities” and concluded that in fact, these were strengths, if managed and nurtured and were an ideal skillset for big data analytics.

Favourite Place?
New Zealand – great weather, wine and varied scenery.

Dream Car?
Tesla Model X P90d (ludicrous) SUV

Who would you most like to meet and why?
Meet Elon Musk. He has proved that risks can pay off and is willing to share his patents for the good of the world. I would love to work with him in deploying the same ideas to better secure cars of the future by deploying the securITism concept. Perhaps he will let me have the “dream car” as a perk!

Current Aspirations for the business?
Showcase the “Strengths in Autism” concept and deploy the same model in big data sciences to identify new drugs, therapies, solutions and technologies by identifying people that “naturally” think outside the box for all careers from A to Z: Accountancy to Zoo-ology Research.  Also demystify the ASD and related conditions that it is not a disability, but rather a natural human diversity that needs to be nurtured using different educational techniques to have a fully ready workforce that will add to the GDP of their respective countries

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First published on February 2016
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