In a Nutshell with S. Claus of North Pole Enterprises

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By Janice


What is your Business?
We are in the gift delivery business. On an annual basis we carefully consider the desires of millions of people and translate these into gifts. We deliver to all our clients within a twenty-four-hour period. So our deadline is both extreme and unmoveable. We are very proud of our record and can supply case studies to support our claims.

Main Focus of the Business?
We are a well-established multinational business. Our aim is to spread delight & goodwill.

What do you do now?
Over the year I manage a large team of elves, reindeer and other volunteer workers. Requirement analysis, implementation, delivery and management are key aspects of the role. Once upon a star we followed a traditional waterfall project management method, but now we have adopted a more Agile approach to what we do.

What was your very first job?
I was brought up in Turkey where I carried out many miracles.

How did you get into IT?
I have always been fascinated with technology, and my interest started with the universal Turing machine, followed by the Sinclair ZX81.

Our business used to be a logistical nightmare, between the collection of gifts, preparing the delivery manifests and planning the best route to ensure we can make all the deliveries on time.

We now make full use of the available technology e.g. GPS and RFID for tracking, ERP and Planning systems, and of course online shopping.

Interesting fact about You?
I am generally portrayed as an overweight, hirsute man in late middle age. In reality I am clean shaven and very fit. I work out regularly to ensure that I have the stamina for the extreme effort required on Christmas Eve to make all the deliveries around the world within 24 hours. I prefer to remain incognito. I could be standing next to you!

Favourite Place?
I just love the sun. Nothing beats a few days rest and relaxation anywhere warm in early January.

Dream Car?
Definitely not a sleigh, and even more definitely not powered by reindeer. They may look nice but they can be difficult. Too much prancing and dancing.

So my dream car is either the Lamborghini Murcielago …… or the Bugatti Veyron. Who could say no???

Who would you most like to meet and why?
I would love to sit down and have a chinwag with Steven Hawking. Clearly, the work we do means that time and space can be confused. I don’t even know how we do what we do. It would be great to have the opportunity to chat with Steven Hawking’s and get his view on our work.

Current Aspirations for the business?
We have a pretty slick operation which can expand with demand. We want to keep it that way, and perhaps move into other universes.

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"In a Nutshell with S. Claus of North Pole Enterprises" First published on Company Connecting December 2015
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