It’s easy to find a company you know about!

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By Janice


It's easy to find an IT company you know about – but how do you find one you don’t know?

It seems that things are changing rapidly. The word digital is all around us. We need to work in the cloud. Our websites need to be mobile friendly. We need to consider digital marketing, content marketing and so it goes on.

The question is how do we make our way through this labyrinth and how do we choose an IT company to help us through all the various technologies available? It’s just not that easy. Once upon a time we may have been able to rely on personal recommendations but our world is both shrinking and expanding. It’s shrinking in that we have access to skills and companies all around the world, and it is expanding in that we have the potential to attract customers anywhere in the world.

Freelance companies can provide all sorts of help for commodity type resources and skills. What if you want something a bit more specialised? That’s where Company Connecting comes in. We have the details of companies providing all sorts of services and skills e.g. gesture technology, 3D design, virtual CTO and so on. We can quickly narrow down the companies that you may want to work with either as partners, supplier or resellers, and even identify your competitors. Once you find the companies you can then check them out via Linkedin or people you know. In that sense it is a small world!

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First published on Company Connecting February 2017
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