Interactive Map of IT Games Companies in Scotland

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By Janice


Please try out our interactive map of IT Games companies in Scotland.  We will udpate as we bring on more companies in other regions of the UK. This complements the heat map we published yesterday showing the games industry hotspots of Dundee and Edinburgh. As you will see there are games companies dotted all over Scotland. At a meeting of the Scottish Affairs select committee in Dundee on Monday, 19th October, Chris Van Der Kuyl, Chairman of 4J Studios  suggested that the opportunities in the games industry could even outstrip the impact of the oil boom. Read more here. Clearly Scotland has a very active games industry which offers loads of opportunities not only to the Scottish economy but also to  talented designers and coders.  Contact us at: E-mail: sends e-mail) Phone: 0845 643 5375 First published on Company Connecting ┬ęCompany Connecting