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Main Focus of the Business
Anarkik3D is a software development company specialising in 3D haptics (virtual touch) which is the main focus of the business. Our first branded product is Anarkik3D Design, a haptic 3D modelling package for applied artists, designer makers, etc, which enables many to access 3D printing technologies. We now have a second Innovate UK grant to develop a middleware type platform to enable developers to combine haptics with other software and hardware they use to build their learning programmes.

What do you do now?
I am CEO of Anarkik3D. I utilise my knowledge as a contemporary designer maker to advance concepts in 3D haptic software programmes, initiating and completing projects by bringing together a great team and tapping into their expertise and my creative passion.

What was your very first job?
My main career has been as a designer jeweller specialising in refractory metals such as titanium and niobium.  I also taught jewellery design and making on a part-time basis at degree level across colleges in the UK. This was my bread and butter income which supported my experimental and innovative approach to my work.

How did you get into IT?
Refractory metals are not the easiest to work with and I was fortunate in getting a grant to investigate laser cutting these metals. To guide the laser cutting process a 2D CAD drawing with co-ordinates was required so I learnt 2D CAD. Then I heard about 3D printing which required a 3D digital model. I struggled with 3D CAD so became a Research Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art to investigate better programmes for artists and then, with a grant from AHRC, to research haptics for its potential as a better interface for working in 3D. Anarkik3D spun out of the Proof of Concept project that followed on from the research and was about how best to commercialise the findings.

Interesting fact about You?
As a designer maker I have a very practical and pragmatic attitude to knowledge and how to apply what I learn into my work. I look to collaborate with colleagues to develop new ideas and projects that advance concepts, especially in 3D haptics.

Favourite Place?
Edinburgh - and Scotland

Who would you most like to meet and why?
Ursula Le Guin, award winning author and poet, born 1929 in Berkeley, and living in Portland, Oregon. I read one of her SF novels in the early 70's and was enthralled by her visions of other worlds and different societies and culture, and the 'viewpoint' characters she puts into these worlds. Taoist thought runs quite deep in the structure of many of her fictions and the more I read about her the greater the appeal of her work. If I met her I am sure I would like her enormously and would find her a very inspiring person.

Current Aspirations for the business
Aspiration is to continue growing and developing Anarkik3D as a vibrant business with strong brand products and R&D culture and through collaborations with other companies to develop products to service the creative sector and enable people to fulfil their own creativity.

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"In a Nutshell with Ann Marie Shillito of Anarkik3D" First published on October 2015
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