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By Janice


Today I spent two hours browsing a freelancer site looking for someone who can help me with formulating key words. All I need is someone to explain how keywords work and improve my own knowledge of SEO. Ultimately I will want to engage a company to help with SEO – and will obviously use for the next stage.

The freelancer site is well presented and has hundreds of options for SEO and keywords. There are people from all over the world that can help me. So I was spoilt for choice. That’s just it. I had too much choice and wasted two hours trying to make up my mind which freelancer to go with.

I am paying £30 for the help so it’s not exactly going to break the bank. What was the cost of my time? In hindsight I should have set myself 10 minutes to find a suitable freelancer.

The freelancer site has a star system, but it is difficult to say how accurately this reflects the ability of the individual. The other ‘issue’ I had is that I was distracted by pop ups telling me to look at other freelancers according to the choice I had made. So this means that freelancers can pay to be featured and come further up the search ladder on the site.

Taking the star rating and the ‘featured freelancers’ into account, my thinking went something like this:

  • Should I go with a freelancer that has paid to be featured – does this mean they are better or they need work more than others?
  • If they have 5 stars does this mean they are the best or that they have sold more because they have paid to be featured?
  • If I spend more time will I find a hidden gem?
  • If I choose this freelancer am I missing an opportunity with someone else who is better?
  • It’s so difficult to decide perhaps I’ll just leave it and order a book from Amazon instead!

My thinking may not appear particularly logical, but it’s probably not unusual. There is a lot to be said for helping people narrow their options down to a handful of choices. It means they spend less time deciding and more time on productive work.

The concept for Company Connecting is just that. Decide what it is you are looking for, then via the attributes, filter the companies down to a handful and take it from there. Companies can do this themselves, or we offer a service where you can provide us with your requirements and we will get back to you with the companies that can do the work. This 23 second video shows you just how easy it is

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"Paralysed by Choice - getting help with SEO?" First published on Company Connecting August 2015
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