Pebbles on the Beach

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By Janice


At Company Connecting ( we have reviewed thousands of companies. The IT sector continues to grow and the demand for IT skills is high. However in the areas of Web Development and IT Support there is lots of competition.

Like the pebbles on the beach in the photo, these companies come in all shapes and sizes, and there are also many that are very similar. How does a prospective client know which company is the best for them? How can it differentiate between the various suppliers? How does the Web Development or IT Support company with growth ambitions differentiate itself from the other pebbles on the beach?  

Many websites say much and such the same thing – they are offering similar services. It’s also difficult for prospective clients trying to make the right choice of company and of course there is no guarantee that the company will want to do the work! Some buyers will rely on recommendations rather than negotiate the minefield of reviewing company websites. However this is no guarantee that they will get what they want.

In an earlier article we suggested that companies need to ‘Say what they do’ on their website. Case studies are enormously helpful to prospective customers. If a company is providing a ‘commodity’ type service and it’s not possible to differentiate what it does according to its services, then identifying its current customer base provides buyers with a good indication of its competency in various sectors. For example, a company in the food and drink sector seeking assistance with web development will be more likely to relate to a supplier who already has clients in this area.

We set up Company Connecting initially to help IT tech companies find one another to work together, and also for large companies to find innovative IT tech companies. However we were quick to realise that Company Connecting provides a terrific means for companies to showcase their products and services, and identify the sectors they already work in along with business and application areas.

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