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By Janice


Trace Learning ( ) and Company Connecting have common aims. Trace Learning is all about training and Company Connecting is all about IT tech. We both have the common aim of streamlining the ‘finding’ process for companies and individuals.

Trace Learning has just launched a great new site – but getting there wasn’t easy. Here is their experience.

We are not IT people, we never will be, so how do you choose a good web designer to meet your needs?  Unfortunately for us at the beginning of our project, we were assigned a designer who completely underestimated what we required and simply did not deliver.  Fast forward 18 months and we have a fantastic developer and team behind us however lessons have been learned.

If Company Connecting had been in place back then to allow us to carry out some due dlligence to search and find the right IT partner, we could have made an informed choice ourselves rather than rely on the decisions of others.  Company Connecting will provide you with the support you need to make sure the person you choose to create your website has all the skills and knowledge that will make your website successful.”

The issue for Trace Learning is that their original web designer did not fully understand their remit and the complexity of the back end design. Here at Company Connecting we could have guided them through the process, just as we did for Bruce Thomson at Accelerate.

So, register and start searching for your right IT partner today, and contact us if you need any help with the searching. We can offer some hints, or we can work with you to identify suppliers.

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