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Company Connecting Launches A Platform For B2B To Source Professional IT Companies

The comprehensive ecosystem and directory of IT tech companies with Company Connecting costs nothing to register, manage company details or to carry out searches.

PRESS RELEASE: Aberdeen Scotland, 25-AUGUST-2015 – Company Connecting Limited is pleased to announce the official launch of their website. The mission of the site is to help IT tech companies talk with one another, as well as to provide a showcase for companies to show their skills, services, and products.

The B2B website is useful to find resellers, partners, technology, IT procurement and other services. It allows companies who are looking for IT specialists to find professional companies to help them with an upgrade, project, or security issue. The Company Connecting website, which is free to register also provides a perfect platform for an IT company to promote their products and services and gain the exposure they need to source new contracts.

One of the biggest problems IT companies have when it comes to sourcing new business is the cost and the time it takes to try and search for businesses looking for their services. Many IT companies spend a great deal of money by advertising in magazines and media that may not bring them the return they need or target the correct market. The Company Connecting platform removes the time wasted and the expense of searching for new clients and put them in front of companies that are actually actively searching for IT resources.

Searches can be conducted by technical skill, business sector or location. A brief company description will appear for each company in the search results. More detailed information can be acquired by purchasing credits, which allow details to be accessed for 15 days.

At present, the Company Connecting database includes 95 per cent of tech companies in Scotland and progress has been made in other parts of the UK, London, Estonia, Italy and the Netherlands. Other countries under consideration include Ireland, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland.

A spokesperson for Company Connecting explained, “Companies that want to be 'found' need to showcase their companies and skills. There are many IT companies in the industry. It is important that they can be found and to differentiate themselves. Companies also need to be able to find IT companies. CC lets them do this in minutes rather than days or weeks.”

The B2B platform has in such a short time become an important resource for people looking for IT professionals and IT companies looking for new potential clients.

Bruce Thomson Managing Director at Accelerate Corporation used the service to find IT professionals for his project. He said: “In minutes, I found two companies that are a great fit for my (IMHO) complex web proposal requirements. Without Company Connecting, this would have taken me hours over at least a week elapsed, and even then I probably would not have found these companies. My advice for those in the Company Connecting database as potential suppliers is to have an accurate short description of their keys skills and experience. This, for me, made me use my bought credits to see their fuller profiles, and then I made contact with the companies for discussions"

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About Company Connecting

Company Connecting is a directory of IT technology companies. It costs nothing to register, manage your company details and carry out searches.
Company Connecting provides companies who want to be found with a showcase for their skills and technologies. Its granular search mechanism enables finders to search and identify companies of potential interest for further follow up.

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