New Business Accelerator for Startups in Dundee!

Remember, from little Acorns... mighty Oaks grow!

Applications are now open for a new Business Accelerator that will help start-up businesses in the Tayside area.

Acorn Enterprise is looking to increase the impact of its activities by branching out to a new location in Dundee city-centre, starting on Tuesday 5th September.

The organisation was launched over four years ago and is on a mission to grow Scotland’s entrepreneurial culture. They educate and accelerate new business owners and enterprising students.

Since inception, Acorn Enterprise has successfully helped over 100 new businesses, who they call “Acorns”, through their competitive Business Accelerator Programme. It is run by business owners who want to give back to aspiring new business owners and is not publicly funded.

Over 70% of the pre-trading and early-stage businesses they have worked with on their Programmes have decided to launch and develop their businesses. These “Saplings” (graduates) are continuing to grow and thrive.

Kallum Russell, Chief Enterprise Officer of Acorn Enterprise, exclaimed: “We are looking for the most edgy, cool and disruptive startups in the Tayside area to join our Business Accelerator Programme.

We are business owners ourselves, not another public sector organisation, so we know first-hand the harsh realities of running a business and what it really takes to get one started and grow it sustainably.

Don’t come to us expecting plush offices and fancy chairs, we’re rustic and minimalist. Instead of spending all of our limited resources on marketing or excessive equipment, we focus our efforts on nurturing new business to grow in an uplifting yet-grounded environment. There will be no smoke and mirrors or political objectives here. It is all about the businesses.  Most importantly Acorn Enterprise inspires confidence, brings energy and is results-oriented.

Online applications are now open and the first Business Accelerator Programme will start on Tuesday 5th September, running until the end of the year.

New businesses are being offered the chance to compete for completely free places which include: a unique shared workspace, Super fast Fibre internet, weekly seminars, a business mentor, a new peer network, access to 3D printing equipment and much more.

Over the course of the free Programme, the participants will cover topics such as, “Marketing in 2017 and Beyond”, “Goal Setting in Life and Business”, “the Entrepreneurial Mindset” and more. They will also meet like-minded others and join an established community of business owners.

Sam Trett, owner of LoCa Beverages, was an “Acorn” on the second intake of the Acorn Enterprise Business Accelerator Programme and he explained the benefits: "Being part of Acorn Enterprise has given me the tools I need to develop my business. Having a dedicated space where you can work, paired with regular skill building sessions has helped me increase my productivity and efficiency exponentially.

Acorn Enterprise really does give its members, and their businesses, the support they need to help grow. I would recommend it highly to anyone starting up or looking to grow."

Jerry Alexander, a co-founder at Acorn Enterprise added: “The best people to teach others how to run a business are those that do it successfully every day themselves! We have met many business leaders out there who want to give a hand up to new enterprising businesses and we are very grateful for their support.”

The Programme will be run at the Flour Mill in the heart of Dundee. To find out more information and to apply now, you can visit the Acorn Enterprise website:

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