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Read about Martin Slowey of Kingman Lennox, along with his take on what a Sinclair ZX81 and Kylie Minogue have in common!

Kylie Minogue - One of the people Martin Slowey would like to meet

In last week’s blog I proposed greater collaboration between large and small companies so that each can benefit from the other. However these companies have fundamental differences. This week we are going to look at the potential benefit of a large company engaging with smaller companies and surmounting these differences.

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Come on IT Companies - Let's be disruptive! Why Use small Companies? Part three of the disruptive blog by Janice Grant Shaw

There's an interesting distribution of Android skills in companies across Scotland. : Glasgow (19), Dundee (10), Edinburgh (9) 

Robot image accompanying the article Interactive map of Android Skills in Scotland

Read all about Bill Whibley of Aventa Systems, and his interests in Tesla cars, Choi Kwang Do as well as growing Aventa Systems into the US market. 

In a nutshell with Bill Whibley of Aventa Solutions

In last week’s blog I commented on how quickly things change, and used the example of the severe downturn in the Oil & Gas industry. The IT skills shortage is well documented, but are we doing anything different to address the skills issues? Is there a different way of working and using underutilised skills in small IT companies in various locations around the country?

In the words of a Twitter feed from an attendee at #DPSTech2015 ' If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got'.

So let's look at things differently.



Blog from Janice Grant Shaw - Com On IT Companies - Let's be disruptive! Can we collaborate?

Earlier today we published a summarised map of the IT SMEs in Scotland. Here is our updated detailed map showing more precisely where these companies are located.

Review our latest map of the 2,236 IT companies in Scotland and where they are located. This map is divided up by regions, so provides a summary of the number of companies by region.

Number of IT companies in the various Scottish Regions

Marc of Blacksnow Analytics is our nutshell this week. He is passionate about providing businesses with the data they need to take decisions and grow their business. He is also an ace cook!

Jaguar F-Type, Marc Christensen's dream car

There are companies looking for skills and experience and there are companies that want to grow and can provide services and skills. Why can’t we match them up? Why can’t we collaborate with one another?

This is the first in a series of articles from Janice Grant Shaw on IT skills and doing things differently. Next week's blog considers the potential for building a collaborative ecosystem of IT companies and why we may want to change our approach.

A blog from Janice Grant Shaw - Come on IT companies - let's be disruptive

Did you know  that small companies have created 66% of the two million jobs in the economy since 2010?


JGS blog on SMEs and Public Procurement for TechUK