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Our infographic this week is of IT companies in the CB post code area. This covers Cambridgeshire, parts of West Suffolk, and north west Essex. The main sectors the IT companies supply products and services to are Healthcare, Aerospace & Defence and Logistics, 71% employ less than 10 people, and mre than 50% are involved in Software development.

Company Connecting: Work cloud of IT companies working in the Cambridgeshire area. Software Development is the top skill

The first in a series of articles on the challenges Company Connecting faced as a start up converting an idea into a business.


Picture of Janice Grant Shaw, Founder of Company Connecting: The Start up experience with Company Connecting. Part One:  – What is a Start up? by Janice Grant Shaw

65% of IT companies in GLasgow and the surrounding area have less than 10 employees. The top three sectors that the IT companies provides services to are: Utilities, Retail & Consumer Goods and Financial Services.Our infographic summarises the size, skills, sectors and focal areas for IT companies in and around the Glasgow area. Once again Software Development comes out as the top skill.

Glasgow Skyline at night accompanying company connections Glasgow infographic

Our Nutshell this week, Vino Patel, has adopted a unique and radical approach to Cyber Security. His start-up company, secur-IT-ism, recognises the blend of skills needed to address security cyber security issues. His team includes graduates diagnosed with Aspergers or high functioning autism.  Many cyber adversaries have similar traits - so this is fighting 'like with like'.

Company COnnecting Nutshell. Vinod Patel of Securitism who provides a Managed Security Services Provider as an outsourced on-site service.

We have over 700 IT companies in the Edinburgh and surrounding area (EH Post Code). 61% of the companies have less than 10 employees, and less than 7% have 100 employees or more. Around a third of companies work in the area of software development, slightly lower than in Cambridgeshires. The main sectors that companies supply their services too are IT, Financial Services and Healthcare. The Oil & Gas sector takes fourth place which is interesting, as the main Oil & Gas companies are located further north.

Word Cloud of the Sectors that companies in Edinburgh and the surrounding area work

Annabelle Macleod is this week's Nutshell. She is studying Computing Science at RGU and already has a degree in Molecular Biology. Anabelle has a love of science and is really interested in how wearable technologies can be applied within healthcare.

The Babbage difference engine.

This week we bring you Greig Ewen of Solutions Aberdeen. Greig is in charge of Training Operations and Business Development. He would like to have met Robin Williams, and take a drive in a Porsche Carrera GT4 RS. He has passion for developing the business and growing his own skills.

In a Nutshell with Greig Ewen. Photo is of Hawaii where Greig took a helicopter trip and saw where Jurassic World was filmed

Meet Szymon Szymczyna, a keen archer and the founder of both Devbar and Treado. Szymon is passionate about turning his ideas into reality. 

Company Connecting: In a nutshell with Szymon Szymczyna of Devbar and Treado

Our map this week is an interactive map of IT companies in the UK. We are in the early stages of loading data for England, but we have the data for Scotland. 

Out of 2,700+ companies, almost 2,300 are in Scotland and over 400 are in the rest of the UK.

Company Connecting Interactive Map of IT Companies in the UK

We have information of 2,700+ IT companies in the UK. We hold details for almost 2,300 Scottish IT companies and just over 400 in the rest of the UK.The map shows the hotspots.

Company Connecting - Heat Map - State of the Digital Nation