WEB in the IT context can refer to a number of things i.e. World Wide Web or "the Web", a hypertext system that operates over the Internet
Web (web browser),
Web.com, a public company that offers websites and other services for small businesses and consumers
Webs (web hosting), a website which allows users to create free websites

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experiences with Interface Online and the help I received in finding a University I could collaborate with to get Company Connecting off the ground. I had already started to develop the methodology for collecting and categorising the information on IT companies, and now I needed a framework to enable people to search and see the data to get a better idea of what I wanted Company Connecting to be.

I worked with Strathclyde University ...

Company Connecting startup series image of a woman sitting on a bench with a laptop. Accompanies the ninth article in the series: Developing the Proof of Concept for Company Connecting.

We have reviewed thousands of companies. How does the Web Development or IT Support company with growth ambitions differentiate itself from the other pebbles on the beach?


How do Web Development or IT Support companies differentiate themselves:

Trace Learning (http://www.tracelearningsolutions.com/ ) and Company Connecting have common aims. Trace Learning is all about training and Company Connecting is all about IT tech. We both have the common aim of streamlining the ‘finding’ process for companies and individuals.

Trace Learning has just launched a great new site – but getting there wasn’t easy. Here is their experience.

Finding the right IT supplier - saves time and money

Company Connecting has reviewed more than 8,000 companies registered in Scotland with an IT classification. This means that we have looked at several thousand websites. It is pretty amazing the difference in quality. I guess it depends on the purpose companies see their websites fulfilling.


Your Website Say What You DO

We founded Company Connecting (CC) in October 2014 because we wanted to help IT tech companies talk with one another and to provide a showcase for these companies.

This helps companies find technology companies.

The IT Supply Chain