Our focus this week is on 'The Italians' - we have set up an Italian page to help connect Scottish and Italian companies. We feature Cristian Ranallo, the marketing and innovation advisor for siHealth a UK startup in Oxford. Cristian spends time in bot the UK and Italy.

Picture of a Tesla Roadster accompanying the article "The Italians: Cristian Ranallo- breaching the great wall of marketing"

Meet Patrick Howard – Curiosity started his IT journey

Our Nutshell this week is Patrick Howard of Just Computing. The backgrounds and interests of our Nutshells are incredibly varied. There are a few common themes e.g. paper rounds, Aston Martin, Sinclair ZX, and Tesla. Patrick has a couple of these. He also has a background in technology and...

Read all about Bill Whibley of Aventa Systems, and his interests in Tesla cars, Choi Kwang Do as well as growing Aventa Systems into the US market. 

In a nutshell with Bill Whibley of Aventa Solutions