Scottish Artificial Intelligence Infographic

Check out the infographic from Company Connecting on Scottish tech companies with Artificial Intelligence related skills. We have included companies that work in data analytics, big data and machine learning - so a broad brush of the companies.

The infographic covers 182 Individual Companies based in Scotland. Company Connecting has detailed information on 4,437 tech companies of which 2,763 are in Scotland.


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Some quick stats on the 182 Scottish companies with AI as a skill:

  • The distribution of company ages is fairly even with 0-5 years at 28%, 6-10 years at 29% and >10 years at 30%. We don't yet have the details fo the remaining 13%
  • Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen City are in the top three slots in the demographics
  • Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail/Consumer Goods are the top three sectors serviced by the companies.
  • Cloud Based Systems Monitoring and Testing, Software as a Service and Patient Information are the top three focal areas.

There is lots more information in the infographic below. It is interactive, so more facts can be viewed by hovering over the charts.



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"Scottish Artificial Intelligence Companies" First published on Company Connecting August 2018

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