Matthew Mackay: Marketing Intern at Nalytics

“Enjoy the years that don’t count, so that you’re prepared to work hard during the ones that do.”

What a great piece of advice from Matthew Mackay, a marketing intern at Nalytics in Glasgow.

Matthew Mackay is the latest subject of our student and graduate series. He graduated from...

Hi Matthew, can you tell us a bit about our background and how you came to work for Nalytics?

I’m originally from Glasgow, but I spent the last 4 years living in Edinburgh where I studied Business with Marketing at the University of Edinburgh. As much as I loved it there, after graduating this past summer I decided to move home for a bit while I decide what my next steps are going to be, and I knew that I wanted to get some practical marketing experience during that time.

Photo of Matthew Mackay acompanying the article Matthew Mackay: Marketing Intern at Nalytics