Risk Management

The Software Testing dilemma: What do you want? Speed or quality? The two are not mutually exclusive, however, they do have an impact on each other, so a balance must be struck

Image of a 'bug' accompanying the article Why we Test : Risk Management and Software Testing

Why we test: The Software Testing Dilemma

In the first article from Dave Kelly and his team at 2i Testing, we looked at taking an idea from conception to reality, the importance of engaging with the right suppliers, and the need for testing. This second article takes a look at why testing is so important.

After our recent cyber security focus looking at one way small businesses can become secure: Our infographic provides a summary of the industry.

Cyber Security Word Cloud accompanying the Company Connecting infographic on IT companies working in Cyber Security

IT companies in the Oil & Gas sector: Infographic from Company Connecting

This week's Company Connecting infographic is IT companies providing products and services within the Oil & Gas sector. There is some interesting information e.g.

  • Out of 3,100+ IT companies on the Company Connecting database, 203 provide services and products to the Oil & Gas
  • ...