<p>RFID&nbsp;(Radio-frequency identification) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data between tracking tags attached to objects e.g. pipe, clothing to an electronic data store.</p>

Our map this week is an interactive map of companies offering RFID and wearable technology products and services. We have 9 companies offering RFID products and services, and 12 offering some form of wearable technology. Two of the companies work with both RFID and wearables.

Interactive map of Wearable and RFID technologies

Information technology has always been full of buzzwords and jargon. It can be disconcerting for those that consider themselves non-technical and also for technical people too.  Big Data is everywhere these days. So what does it really mean?

What is Big Data - and can technologists rise t the challenge

Importance of technology for all businesses

In the last two decades there has been an enormous growth and increase in the use of technology. 

Technology and Your Business

Slides of an Example Search for Companies

Searching for IT Skills such as RFID, Oracle, CIsco, Software Development, Infrastructure Support