In a Nutshell with Janice Grant Shaw of Company Connecting

In a Nutshell with Janice Grant Shaw of Company Connecting

Main Focus of the Business

We are an online B2B site helping IT companies find one another and any company to find an IT company. So a bit like a search engine specialising in IT.

Some have described us as Internet dating for companies.

What do you do now?

I am the founder of Company Connecting. I do everything from playing with data in MySQL to marketing, selling and defining the direction of the company. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to meet a huge variety of people. It's interesting to hear what others have to say and to understand their business as well as their challenges.

What was your very first job?

My first job was at the age of five picking tatties (potatoes) on my Dad’s farm for the princely wage of 6d (2.5p).

How did you get into IT?

Determination and perhaps a bit of luck. Someone took a chance on me and my strange degree (Biological Statistics, Botany, Zoology, English, History and Economic History). I started as a trainee programmer with no experience or knowledge in IT beyond the fact that I wanted to get into 'computing'. Within a couple of years I was writing complex code and wrote the software for the first card reader for card mustering offshore. However our trustee computers and flaky networks just couldn't keep up with the code!

Interesting fact about You?

I counter balance my business persona with my love of gardening, and I am a reiki II practitioner.

Favourite Place?

Pila – sitting having breakfast looking at the Italian Alps

Dream Car?

The new Alfa Romeo 4c – but could I really drive it?

Who would you most like to meet and why?

Sam Altman of Y-Combinator – I follow his advice on go niche, do it really well and make sure it can be repeated.

Current Aspirations for the business

Company Connecting is recognised as an IT ecosystem – the place to go to find IT technology companies in the UK, Europe and ultimately globally.  We are constantly developing the site currently adding features to  post details of the technologies, skills and services companies are looking for as well as our current search mechanism.

Contact Details

Janice can be contacted via e-mail at

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