In a Nutshell with Jai Aenugu of AskJai

Main Focus of the Business

I am working on bringing inspiring stories of emerging and established Scottish and Indian entrepreneurs to a global platform for everyone to listen and get inspired

What do you do now?

Interviewing great entrepreneurs/startups. Asking them how they built the business, what challenges they faced, ups and downs, etc. so that budding entrepreneurs like myself learn from them

What was your very first job?

Customer Assistant at Shell Garage. Night Shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At times, it was fun! 

How did you get into IT?

When I first saw the computer my natural instinct was to open it up and see what’s making it do what it was doing. Curiosity! 

Interesting fact about You?

I do Scot-indian dance pretty well and yeah, I made that up. Jokes aside, I didn’t study English at School.

Favourite Place?

Home in India

Dream Car?

Dodge Challenger 

Who would you most like to meet and why?

He is not alive anymore, Steve Jobs. His vision changed this world forever. I would have asked him what his plans were after the iPad. 

Current Aspirations for the business

  • To make my podcasts get 100,000 downloads a month.
  • To make my podcasts reach every aspiring entrepreneur in India and Scotland.
  • Connect with all great entrepreneurs in both countries.
  • To be known as the best in business. 

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First published on October 2015

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