Minimum Viable Product

James Holland talked with Graham Smith of Wiseman Designs on the highs and lows of going it alone with your own small business. Graham and his partner, Richard started the company in 2011. They saw the potential of Android to be a serious competitor to Apple and Blackberry.

Graham provides some great advice to potential customers looking to develop and App, as well as to App developers building Apps.

Picture of a Nexus and Wiseman Designs logo accompany Graham Smith's article on the highs and lows of starting a small business

‘What do you do with your Proof of Concept’? In our case, as well as the usual stuff of questionnaires and feedback testing  – you put it to work to choose a supplier!

This week's start up article is about what we did next once we had completed the work on the Proof of Concept. 

‘What do you do with your Proof of Concept’ . Company Connecting Startup series part 10.