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A few weeks ago I wrote about my experiences with Interface Online and the help I received in finding a University I could collaborate with to get Company Connecting off the ground. I had already started to develop the methodology for collecting and categorising the information on IT companies, and now I needed a framework to enable people to search and see the data to get a better idea of what I wanted Company Connecting to be.

I worked with Strathclyde University ...

Company Connecting startup series image of a woman sitting on a bench with a laptop. Accompanies the ninth article in the series: Developing the Proof of Concept for Company Connecting.

In a Nutshell - our series of articles featuring people in the IT industry

We regularly feature people in the IT industry in our Nutshell series. There is such a diversity of skills, talent and people. Below are links to three of our Nutshells. REad all of them to find out whay we ahve a picture of Kylie. 

If you would like to be featured then please contact us...

Our map this week is an interactive map of companies working in the field of Big DataWe are in the early stages of loading data for England, but we do have the data for Scotland. Out of 42 companies working with Big Data in some form or another, 29 are in Scotland, and of these 10 are in Edinburgh.

Interactive Map of Big Data prodcuts and services in the UK

In previous articles I considered the possibility of larger companies engaging with smaller SMEs to address the current shortage in IT skills rather than direct recruitment. However many small SMEs are just too small and may not have the resource to deliver everything within the required timescale. Could partnering be the answer?


Janice Grant Shaw author of PART Seven: Come on IT Companies. Let’s be Disruptive. Working together or working with the enemy?

Our first map of 2016 is an interactive map of companies with clients in the environmental sector or providing environmental systems.

MAP of IT companies working with Environmental Systems

We thought you may like to get an idea of the sizes of the IT companies working in the Healthcare sector and have published this infographic as complementary to yesterday's map.

We have figures for both Scotland and England, but please remember the English data is very limited.

Infographic of IT companies working in the Healthcare sector prepared by Robin Shaw

In Scotland we have companies working in the healthcare sector from Portree in the Isle of Skye to Lauder in the Scottish Borders. 

You will see from the map that we have included the rest of the UK too. We are currently working on the data for English IT companies.

Interactive MAP of IT companies working in the Healthcare Sector in Scotland and England

This series of articles has considered the ability for large and small companies to collaborate and work together. The reasons for working together are to provide larger companies with access to innovative companies whilst at the same time helping to bridge any skills gaps. Small companies gain by better utilisation of their resources, and the economy gains by the growth of small companies.

Janice Grant Shaw author of Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Breaking the Mould

In last week’s article I considered two of the main difficulties for large and small companies to work together i.e. having the desire to make it work, and finding a means of managing the cross company teams. So, if these difficulties seem insurmountable then the option to get the skills you need (other than company acquisition) is recruitment. How easy is it to recruit the people you need and how sure can you be they will fit into the team?

Janice Grant Shaw author of Come on IT Companies – Let’s be disruptive! Recruit or use a 3rd party?

In last week’s blog I proposed greater collaboration between large and small companies so that each can benefit from the other. However these companies have fundamental differences. This week we are going to look at the potential benefit of a large company engaging with smaller companies and surmounting these differences.

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Come on IT Companies - Let's be disruptive! Why Use small Companies? Part three of the disruptive blog by Janice Grant Shaw