IT Companies Scotland

Scotland has a vibrant community of technology companies. Companies throughout Scotland work in the IT sector. The Fintech ( financial) and digital health sectors are growing rapidly. The games industry cluster is in and around Dundee, however the games industry is alive and well across all of Scotland. Many companies in the Aberdeen area service the Oil & Gas Industry with some very high tech activity in the areas of geosciences and drilling. Edinburgh has a vibrant start up community.

Get information on IT Companies in Scotland from the Company Connecting Infographics

We have published infographics on IT companies in Scotland for eight geographical areas. The infographics are summarised by company size, skills, business focus, and the sectors which are customers for the IT companies products and services. The infographics are interactive and include word...

We thought you may like to get an idea of the sizes of the IT companies working in the Healthcare sector and have published this infographic as complementary to yesterday's map.

We have figures for both Scotland and England, but please remember the English data is very limited.

Infographic of IT companies working in the Healthcare sector prepared by Robin Shaw

Normally we just publish a map of a sector or skill - see earlier article in our news section.

However we found the spread of IT company sizes working in the the Aerospace & Defence interesting and decided to make an infographic today as well.

Map of IT companies working in the Aerospace & Defence sector

Review our latest map of the 2,236 IT companies in Scotland and where they are located. This map is divided up by regions, so provides a summary of the number of companies by region.

Number of IT companies in the various Scottish Regions

We thought we would bring you an infographic today providing details of IT company size and location. We have previously brought you maps, and todays infographic provides a slightly different perspective.

IT company weighted sectors